yip man (ip man)  1893 - 1972

Yip Man's (Ip Man) portrait above
Zaff Hashmi, Clive Potter and Jason Burton
at the Ving Tsun Athletics Association, Hong Kong.

Yip Man (Ip Man) was born on October 1, 1893, in Foshan, China. He studied Wing Chun and became one of the most respected martial arts masters of his time, his legacy is the spread of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) as we know it today to the wider world. Wong Shun Leung was one of his top students.

Yip Man (Ip Man) 
and an 18 year old Bruce lee

Wong Shun leung  1935 - 1997

Master Wong Shun Leung made his fame through his many challenge fights (known as Beimo) and his teaching of the late and famous Bruce Lee. Master Wong, one of the top five students of Grandmaster Yip Man, is said to have had over 100 challenge fights in his younger days and had never lost.


His experiences in fighting brought with it a deep understanding of the way in which Ving Tsun worked and created in him a very practical approach to how it should be applied. From his fighting experiences he was able to further develop Ving Tsun techniques and many of his ideas were taken on by Yip Man and incorporated into the Ving Tsun system.


Many of the teachers who are today teaching Ving Tsun, are teaching techniques that were developed by Wong. Between the mid-fifties and 1969, Wong Shun Leung actually taught at Yip Man's school, especially in the latter years owing to Yip Man's poor health.

Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun, Jason Burton Ving Tsun
Wong Shun Leung

clive potter

Clive Potter has trained in Ving Tsun since 1971, but did not train directly as a student of Wong Shun Leung until the mid 80's. He was then given a certificate to teach by Wong Shun Leung in 1990. The Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association UK was then founded with the permission of Wong Shun Leung in 1994 and has its headquarters in St. Albans in Hertfordshire. It also has other schools throughout the United Kingdom, Austria, U.S.A., Iran, Italy, Belgium and France.


It is the mission of the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association UK to instruct and spread the Wong Shun Leung method of Ving Tsun. A number of students have now practised Ving Tsun under the Association for many years and have also had the opportunity to meet and train with Wong Shun Leung himself. Some of these, including Jason Burton, are now teachers under the Association.

Wong Shun Leung and Clive Potter, Jason Burton Ving Tsun
Wong Shun Leung and Clive Potter
at the Ving Tsun Athletics Association, Hong Kong.

jason burton

Jason Burton was introduced to Ving Tsun by senior instructor Clive Potter, student of Wong Shun Leung himself. He was impressed by how using minimal effort and simple actions Clive was able to put his students in a position from which they couldn’t recover. These movements were so subtle, that Jason just couldn’t understand at that time how the Ving Tsun actions were so powerful.  Once Jason began to understand this art of fighting, he was completely hooked and eight years later, he was awarded his own instructor certificate from the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Kung Fu Association UK. 

Jason is passionate about teaching Ving Tsun correctly through utilising and understanding how the forms are applied to actual fighting and without resorting to muscle strength to mask poor structure and poor ground power generation.

Jason Burton Avatar.png
Jason Burton