• Learn how to apply kung fu in practical realistic modern day street situations
  • Understand traditional Chinese close quarter fighting 
  • Correctly develop all concepts, structure and ground power directly relating to the training forms
  • Improve your self confidence and self esteem while learning to defend yourself
  • Enhance your fitness, balance, coordination and state of mind

  • Train with like-minded students in a safe and encouraging training environment 



Sifu Jason Burton teaches Ving Tsun (pronounced and often written as Wing Chun) Kung Fu, it is a simple and very effective close quarter fighting system created in southern China. Perhaps the most famous follower of this style of Kung Fu was Bruce Lee, who was himself a student of two highly respected teachers, Wong Shun Leung and Yip Man (Ip Man).


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Our style of kung fu does not use fancy techniques that are nice to look at but are impractical and ineffective in a real situation. It is designed to neutralise a threat simply, directly and efficiently allowing one to escape. It’s not about posing or choreographed, unrealistic movie fighting nor is it a combat sport with fixed rules and restrictions.

It does not take many years of training to learn to become effective, it does however require a level of commitment and personal discipline. The effectiveness is not diminished by the practitioner’s age, size or weight as much as other styles since it does not rely on physical build or strength.

Fluid movements are used to counter the attack of others and our classes are very much centred on this concept, taught with a strong emphasis on ground, structure and movement derived directly from the traditional forms. Our aim is to create a safe and relaxed environment where students of all shapes, sizes and abilities, can learn at their own pace. This art teaches us patience and how to use your opponents’ energy against them. We spend time applying these skills to possible real life scenarios, when situations can be unpredictable.

Please see the documents page for Jason's duty of care and safeguarding training certifications.